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Are you looking for an inspiring and profound talk about how to get the best out of a stay-, study- or working abroad period?


What is culture shock and reverse culture shock? How does it manifest itself? What can you do before, during and after your period abroad to get the best out of your international adventure? What about going back home and the re-entry process? What are the three different domains of reverse culture shock? What are positive and what are negative aspects? What are influencing factors on the severity of Reverse Culture shock? What are the challenges during the re-entry process and how to deal with them? What are the gained skills and competences? How to get the best out of a stay abroad period and integrate the experiences in your personal and professional life?


Our talks are based on our Masters research and thesis on this subject and our own experiences. We did already several presentations and workshops and always offer a customized lecture or workshop, so that your company or institution really benefits from our contribution.


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