Sustainable Travel

Published on 22 April 2022 at 13:33

People like to travel, for vacation, study, an internship or a gap year. We love to discover, we love adventure, we want to experience other cultures, meet other people or just feel free. So wonderful that travel is possible and allowed again. You realize this even more after the confrontation with the covid pandemic. At the same time however, there is also a growing awareness that travel also has consequences for the environment and consequences for the local population, culture and nature. During our travels we also consume, we book means of transport, we eat, drink, sleep, buy products to have or to use. Sustainable travel is about how we can reduce our ecological footprint, for example by burdening the environment as little as possible, by consuming more consciously and sustainably. For example, you can travel by train to your destination or choose a flight route with as few transfers as possible. And eat in small local restaurants.
Our challenge is to leave big footprints in people's hearts and small footprints on our planet. So that many generations after us can also enjoy all the beauty it offers us.

That is why we pay attention to sustainable travel in our manual/logbook "How to get the best out of your travel and stay abroad", with a number of tips on how you can take this into account when planning your trip and during your trip.


Safe travels,

Ria & Nynke

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